Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Visited Cry Baby Bridge In Salem Today

I took about 400 pics today at Cry Baby Bridge.  This is one of them.  It isn't any different then it was the last time I was there (2009). It was recently determined that a
  60-year-old woman , whose body was discovered Oct. 25, 2010 by a Perry Township Police officer had been murdered.  He noticed a small fire and a van in the closed off area known as Cry Baby Bridge.  When he stopped to investigate, he discovered the burning body.  Later tests showed
she was strangled.  It is the first ever homicide for Perry Township.  It is because she was burned that they had to wait so long to determine her cause of death. 
  October 15 the Salem Historical Society will be having a Ghost Trolley Tour of the Salem area which will include making a stop at Cry Baby Bridge.  We will not be talking about above mentioned case on this tour, but Cry Baby Bridge has so many legends about it, you won't be bored!  You will  be allowed to explore the area for a few minutes thanks to some extra effort from Karen Beiry!  Who is Karen Beiry?  Author of the book about Goldie Bell Taylor called "Believe". 
 More will be coming about this awesome lady!  As will more pics of Cry Baby Bridge once I get them all looked at!

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