Friday, September 23, 2011

Lt. Col Johnathon Laird-Laid To Rest In His Own Back Yard

One of the many stories on our Lisbon Tour was that of Lt. Col. Johnathon Laird.  He was a Revolutionary Soldier, may had been involved in a few Indian Skirmishes, and might also have been involved in the War of 1812.  He was also buried in his own back yard when he died in 1824. He is buried beside his daughter, Catherine Laird Kidd (which might tie into another story later).  When the property he was buried on was sold in 1830, a provision was made that the graves of these two people would remain.  With each sale of this property, that was always a provision.  The last owner of the home that was once here was William Sexton.  He sold the property to The Eagles Club (the former Joshua Hannah home) and as all their predecessors have done, they kept the grave area and maintain it beautifully.  The house was torn down and the parking lot made, but the graves of Johnathon and Catherine will always be safe. 

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