Friday, September 23, 2011

My Apology For Our Error In The Lisbon Tour

The first rule when doing any research of an area is never assume anything.  I am sorry to say that I broke that rule in my search of Lisbon History.  This Lock Stone, outside of the old Stone Tavern says it is from Lock 27.  For us today, Lock 27 is Lusks Lock out past Elkton.  I took this and ran with it.  I knew that Lusks Lock did have it's Lock Stone replaced and I assumed this was the old one.  IT SAYS LOCK 27 in my defense.  However, 100 years ago the locks were numbered differently.  E. Gill had his own numbering for the locks, which does not match what we have today.  According to the original Lusk's Lock Plate,  it says it is number 41.  You can find this information at THE SANDY BEAVER CANAL BY JERRY KING .   It is complicated as I still do not understand why there is such a discrepancy, but needless to say this lock stone is from a lock that was once at the end of Market Street in Lisbon.  It was not at Lusks Lock.  I am still not done feeling like an idiot for this and again I do apologize.  But the story of the Little Girl being buried in Lusks Lock was still a good legend to share and this Lock Stone was a good introduction for it.  I will strive to get my facts straight in any future endeavors. 

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