Friday, September 23, 2011

A Picture of the Barn That Erastus Eells Made His Coffins In

This little barn (photo by Chris and Debbie) was where Erastus Eells operated his little wood working shop.  Here he made cabinets and coffins.  Here is also where he may have smuggled slaves out of the country by hiding them in the coffins he made and shipping them to Canada.  He may have been doing this as early as the mid 1840's, long before the Civil War ever broke out.  I am honored to know that our county was made by strong and brave men like Erastus Eells. 


Cathy Lesher said...

I grew up in Lisbon and heard bits and pieces of hushed conversations about the Underground Railroad here in the village. I remember hearing that the Eagle's Club has underground chambers/rooms for people to use as they headed North to freedom. Supposedly the "railroad" tunnels still are all under the Eagle's and apparently ran to the Eells' or were those poor, exhausted people thrown on a wagon as who knows what to be transported further along to SWEET FREEDOM? I never knew the Eells' were early activists! Makes me more proud to call Lisbon home!! We were taught about President McKinley's mother, and kudos BUT which is the bigger HERO???? That answer is plain to me, NOW after going to Lincoln School& graduating from David Anderson High School, right here in Lisbon, Ohio!!! {Matter of fact, unless I was sick that day, we were never told who THE David Anderson was & why the school was named after him!}
I thank you for my history lesson today!!
Great work!!!

Kimberly said...

I have been in a tunnel under Lisbon and it was an awesome experience. I agree with you that we had heros here we never heard about. But it may be because they did their job so well so that no one would find out what they were doing so they could gert these people to freedom, that no one did find out. I feel honored to know that people like this helped to make Columbiana County what it is today.