Sunday, October 30, 2011

An Awesome Tour With Venture Outdoors!

Venture Outdoors!

Above is the link to the group we toured with yesterday at Gretchen's Lock!  They were awesome!  We lead them on an adventure along the haunted paths of what was once Sprucevale.  Yes, it was cold and it was raining, but we went any way! 
 I love their enthusiasm!  WE had to walk down this muddy,, slippery hill at one point near the hitching posts and I was worried someone would fall, but they rose to the challenge!  Some even cut through the woods (smart!)  to avoid the mud (but braved the weeds and stickers!).  These were my kind of people!!! 

The scenery was well worth our efforts.  It was a beautiful, blustery fall day and we enjoyed it for what it was.  We also did a Ghost Box Session where one of them had their name mentioned.  We had two Julie's so we are not sure who it meant!  G12P looks forward to working with Venture Outdoors again!  

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