Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gretchen's Lock Tour Pic

Here are a few pics from our adventure tonight at Gretchen's Lock tonight.  We had a lot of great people come for the tour and they stayed to the end, even in the rain.  Thank you so much to everyone who came out with us to explore Gretchen's Lock.

This is at Gretchen's Actual Lock.  Everyone climbed to the top to see the possible site of Gretchen's

 Will came along dressed as his character, Jake the Night Watchman!  He looked awesome, of course!
Thank you to all who came!  WE hope you all had a great time!  We will be at Spring
Grove Cemetery next on Oct 26 for a fundraiser tour, and on Oct 28 we are at Calcutta Family Video!  Come out and visit us!!!

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