Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Night Visit to Cry Baby Bridge

 We went to Cry Baby Bridge in Salem this evening to do a little investigating of the area and see what we might be dealing with.  This is our second visit in as many weeks trying to determine if the area is truly haunted. 
 So far we have gotten one good EVP that said:
Help Me.  I want to get down.
I do not know what that might mean~yet.  Tonight we stood on the bridge and did one EVP Session and one ghost box session.
While we were on the bridge, two crew members heard what they thought was car tires on the pavement. They stopped at the bridge.  Will was telling us later that one of the stories associated with the area was a demon car or ghost car that had been seen and heard by many people.  Have you ever heard this story?
 It rattled some nerves this evening and caused two crew members to want to leave. Not me.  If we run every time someone gets scared, we won't learn anything.  So we stayed and continued to investigate.  :)

We traveled down the old forgotten road and tested the legend that if you go down the road you disappear.  We didn't.

Burt it was really creepy walking down this highway long unused.  The moon came through the trees lighting it up every once in a while. 
So far we have got nothing picture wise so now it is on to I am eager to get started on that.  Let you know what we find.on the audio. 
And Thank you to  Mike, Briana , Will and Jack for coming up here with me tonight. 

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