Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Salem Trolley Adventure


 To say that we had a wonderful  time last night would be an understatement!  IT WAS AWESOME!!!
 Briana and I were the tour guides for the tour on the Salem Hisorical Society Trolley. 
We took our adventurers to several sights in the city, including three haunted houses and three graveyards.  We told stories of Salem and also Columbiana County.

 We demonstrated a digital recorder and how we use it for EVP and also a Ghost Box.  Stop after stop we made around the  city. 
Be Karen Biery, Salemite and author of the book
"Believe" took us back

Briana at the Brookes-Pope Mausoleum

to the days of Goldie Bell Taylor and Edwin
Coppock. Her rendition of their stories had me riveted every time I  heard them.  Just made my whole night!!!

Mike, Jon, Jack, Will, Abbie, Briana, Amber, and Kimberly
 Thank you Briana.  You worked your butt off on this one and you were great!!!  I truly don't know what I would do without you.

Thank you also to Jack, Abbie,Will, Mike, Jon, and Amber.   You all made sure this Trolley tour was kick ass and awesome!!  G12P could not do what we do with out any of you!!

Karen Biery telling us the story of Goldie Bell Taylor.

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