Monday, November 28, 2011


 We had a great time at the Lisbon Christmas Parade!  Our theme was Alice in Winterland!  We had a great cast of characters and everyone worked hard on their costumes!!  And the day was so beautiful!   We just hope that the East Liverpool Parade is just as nice! 

The whole crew! 

Will playing Aslyn, the pipe
smoking caterpillar!

Sena played Alice!

Kimberly (me!) played the Mad Hatter!

Alex was our w\White Rabbit and Lisa was the
Door Mouse, Mallyumpkin!

Amber was our White Queen, Jen was the Red Queen, and
Jack was Stayn!

Jon played our March Hare!

Will, Jon, Alex, and Lisa!

Sammi and Briana played
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle

The most important of our crew attending were our cards, who
passed out candy to the crowd!  Great job:
Abbie, Zack, Debbie, Louie, and Pam!!! 

Lindsey(from the Virginia Chapter), Alex, and Brooke!
Thank you Lisbon for having us in your parade!  WE look forward to many other events in that awesome little town! 
Next stop is the East Liverpool Christmas Parade December 3 at 5pm.  We will be doing our Alice in Winterland again!  Thank you Briana and Amber for coming up with this wonderful idea! 

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