Thursday, December 1, 2011

Smith Auto Part Store Site 11 Months After The Razing

I loved this building.  I often thought there was someone in the top floor watching out the window the last couple Pottery Festivals I attended.  It was built in the 1880's and was on the National Register for Historic Buildings.   This building was torn down in January of 2011.  It was a sad event because it was one more part of East Liverpool's history gone.  You could not save this building. It was beyond that, but I didn't think I would like seeing the spot so empty.

It was Potters National Bank and had a PNB above the door on the left corner.

It did seem empty when they were done.  This picture was taken in the summer.  Right away I did notice the view was better. 
A little park has been built there, complete with a benches.  It is very nice.  Of course, your best view is the highway. 
It is a nice addition to the town .  They built a small parking lot below this area to help with parking for Kent State.  I like it.  It is a fitting replacement for the old Potter National Bank.  You can sit there and enjoy a view of the river area (on the other side of the highway)not seen in about 130 years. 

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