Monday, January 3, 2011

Calcutta Cemetery

 I finally made it up to Calcutta Presbyterian Cemetery on Saturday.  I have been up there before, but not with a camera.  I didn't know there was an older section like this though.  Some of the grave markers here are beautiful, like this one that looks to be made of cut logs. 
Or the one that is almost completely grown over by a poison ivy tree,  It is so entwined, you can't even read the name any longer. 

This next one has a cut stump and a dead dove laying across the top, the names long weather worn away. 

 And, had some members of my crew been present, they would have freaked out because this grave looked like someone was either dug up or dug themselves out. Zombies are the main topic of discussion lately and this was surely a grim reminder of them.
 This one is a tragic mystery.  It is a father, Lawrence Lane, and 4 of his children who apparently died in the same year!  No explanation, so I hope to find out by looking at the library and and doing some research to find their story.   They all died in 1934.
There are many divots in the ground where there are no grave markers, indicating many unmarked graves.  It is set up in the typical style, where the town cemetery was established on the top of a hill, often overlooking the town.  This cemetery is located off of St. Clair and McGuffy Drive, above the old Adrian's Restaurant.  Surrounded by newer graves and mausoleums, these old graves make up your typical spooky grave yard.  Yep, I was right at home here, wandering from stone to stone, wondering what their stories were.  If I find anything interesting, I will let you know.  If you are someone who enjoys a stroll through an old cemetery, then Calcutta Presbyterian Cemetery is one you will love.  I did.