Friday, January 7, 2011

3 Ghost Hunters+1 Haunted Cemetery=A Spooky Night!

 January 5th we went on a Midnight Run (the first of the year for us).  Amber, Brooke and I were the only ones available.  We decided to go to Carmel Acher Cemetery out near Negley.  It is in the middle of no where and includes an old church on the grounds that is no longer used.  Oh, and that is our V10 Dodge Pick up we used to hunt in all evening.  NICE!
The grave markers  are old and truly charming for anyone who likes old cemeteries.
 There is a presence here that defies explanation.  It is protective and wary of us as we make our way around the stones.  There are odd noises and strange movements that you catch out of the corner of your eye. 
 In this picture we are standing below the church.  While it looks like they are right by the building, they are at least 25 feet away from it.  That is all the closer anyone wanted to get to it. 
Unfortunately, there are broken out windows now that were not there before when we went back in May.  I can't stress enough about respect for places like this.  Lack of it might mean you end up dragging something home with you that you dont want.  A car full of kids kept racing up and down the road so we finally decided to leave after about 30 minutes.
 We found ourselves at Mr. Floyd's next.  Always spooky up there, and since it was only the three of us, that made it worse.  Strange crashing noises in the woods kind of chased us into the V10 dodge pick up we drove for the evening and we locked the doors. It felt much safer in there for sure.  That thing is going anywhere you want it to go.   After doing an EVP session , we decided to make one more stop for the evening.
I never get tired of the Grist Mill.  By the time we got here, we decided to stay in the truck, with the doors locked of course.  We sat facing the bridge and became fascinated by flashes of light along the creek from the bridge, going upstream toward Jake's Lock.  We saw this flash of light several times with no explanation for it.  We tried to communicate with it by using our flash light, but could get no intelligent response. 
It was an exciting evening with just the three of us.  I liked it because Brooke and Amber have been with me for about three years now.  They are excellent ghost hunters and I enjoy working with them.   Especially when we have a nice, big truck to go around in to keep us safe.  Thanks Mike for letting us use it!