Monday, January 10, 2011

Hammondsville in Jefferson County, Ohio

 I spent the day working on the Silver Family Mystery on Sunday.  If you are unfamiliar with it, refer to the story below this one with a video about the Silver Crypt in Spring Hill Cemetery, Wellsville, Ohio.  My main concern is that a former Mayor of Wellsville, Thomas Hammond Silver is laid to rest here.  No one knows about him.  His burial site is slowly being taken over by Nature.  The Crypt has been broken into and possibly the body of a baby stolen.  The people buried here cared about their neighbors and community and their final resting place should not be desecrated like this. 
 One direction we decided to go was Hammondsville.  David Silver, a long time doctor of Wellsville, married Nancy Hammond, daughter of Thomas Hammond, founder  of Hammondsville.  It was suggested that there is no longer anyone actually buried in the crypt and that they were all moved to the Hammond family burial site.  We decided the best place to start looking was Hammondsville.  Above is the old Hammondville School.  It closed down in around 1975, and there are claims it is full of asbestos. 
 Some of my crew members, Teresa, Alan Jr, and  Makayla Ammon live in that area, so I stopped and picked them up.  They took me to this house. It is referred to as the Hammond House, home of Charles Hammond, founder of the town.  Hmmm.  I read that Thomas Hammond was the founder of Hammondsville. Who is Charles?  Still working on that one.  One possibility is that his name is Charles Thomas Hammond or Thomas Charles Hammond?  We are still looking into that.  Teresa and her husband, Alan, are trying to get us into this house for a tour.  I sure hope so!
There is a post office for Hammondsville, a church )Hammondsville United Methodist Church) and a few remaining houses.  Oh, and a very beautiful view in many directions.  I couldn't believe, after what I had read about Hammondsville being a busy little city, that there was nothing left but an old school, post office, and a pretty little church.  If the old school didn't have the Hammondsville name on it, we wouldn't have found it so easily. 
Teresa took us to Morning View Cemetery but after a quick look(I say quick because Morning View is a tiny Cemetery)  we determined there were no Hammonds there.  We simply ran out of daylight and had to quit for now.  But we are still looking.  Part of the fun is  actually going out there and searching for answers.  Like looking for treasure.  Historical treasure!