Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hill View Manor-A Future G12 Adventure

My Crew member Dave, is busy building a page on our group web site (as he is our web master) all about Hill View Manor.  Here is the web address.  So far he has  8 different references about this awesome asylum listed !


This facility is located in New Castle, PA. 
We are going in July or August for sure, but I think I may throw in an earlier date to scout it out.  I don't want to take 30 people up there blind, so to speak.  I think even 30 is going to get lost in that huge place!  It also has a cemetery associated with it. 
If your group is interested in booking a night there, do it fast.  The dates are filling quickly.  I am calling by this Friday.  Candy, the owner,  is a very nice lady and is very helpful.  The cost is $50 per person.  You have the building from 6pm to 6am.   She has you sign a waiver and then gives you a tour and then the place is yours for the night.  If I go on an earlier date, I will take a small crew of 10 or 12 of my best so we get all we can out of the summer event.  I think it will take at least two dates to cover the whole area that makes up Hill View.  :)))
Please check out our group page above if your group is interested in booking a night!