Tuesday, January 18, 2011

G12 Meets The Tri-State Genealogical & Historical Society

I was contacted a few short weeks ago by a young man named Jackson Wilson.  He is a remarkable young man who loves his family and has a thirst for history that rivals any true ghost hunter!   He invited us to the Tri-State Genealogical & Historical Society, based in Newell, West Virginia to see what kind of information they had to offer us to help in our research of the legends and lore of the tri-state area. 

Pictured above include G12 members Briana, Staci, Jen, Alex, Teresa, Will, Makayla, Mike, and Alan.   TSGHS volunteers pictured above would be Bonnie (far left) and Jackson (far right).
TSGHS is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers and dedicated to preserving the history, all history, of the tri-state area.    One of their major goals is to help families in the area to trace their own personal family history.  They have a huge collections of books, magazines, birth, death, and marriage records, census records, deeds, cemetery transcripts, obituaries, microfilm, old phone directories, and so much more!    The book case behind us is nearly full of books that are about this area.  They do not charge anything to visit their library and often will aide you in anything you need help with!  They will gladly answer any questions you might have and are eager to help you in your quest for history in any way they can.  
They are located in Newell, West Virginia.