Friday, January 21, 2011

Ghosts In The Glass

Working with Dave's new Full Spectrum Digital Camera is producing some beautiful pictures.  The color variations are amazing, sometimes bringing out so much more detail.  Dave and I are both wondering, at this point, exactly how this particular idea helps in ghost hunting.  This is one of the pics Dave took of  Nessly Chapel.  As he studied the the glass on the window (a common practice for us, as in theory, ghosts appear in the reflection on glass, water, mirrors, etc) and noticed something in the glass.  You will see two possible figures in the upper part of the glass panes.  One in the center and one in the right pain.   Are they ghosts?  I honestly don't know at this point.  Churches are known to be haunted because they offer hope and safety.  This beautiful little Chapel is built strong and I am sure is strong in faith!  The possible ghosts in the window may not even be inside, but present with us outside instead.  And it could just be matrixing. You decide. It makes for one cool picture!  And entered into our unexplained file!