Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pittsburgh, Lisbon, and Western Railroad Train Station In Lisbon, Ohio

 The P.L. and W Railroad Train Station in Lisbon was recently restored over the last couple of years.  Familiar names that had a hand in it's restoration included Linda Bolon, Penny Traina, and Bert Dawson, all elected officials at the time, interested in saving  a piece of the county's history.  It was a fine accomplishment and greatly appreciated by many, including myself. 
I took this picture back in 2008 when I was getting the Lisbon Haunted and Historical Tour ready.
 I didn't know there was any plans to restore it at the time and I took these pics in case they decided to tear it down.  I thought it was a beautiful building  and had no idea it was ever a train station. I thought it had been some one's home.  Built in 1886, it was a train station (first the Pittsburgh, Marion, and Chicago Train Station.  Then in about 1895 it became the Pittsburgh, Lisbon, and Western.)  The trains ran until about 1944.
There are pictures on bulletin boards outside  of the building when it was the train station.  This one is great because the train is right there, billowing black smoke.  You can just see the attachment on the right side of the building, that was gone in my picture above.
 In 1945, the building started being used as a feed mill. and remained that way for many years.
 And this is what it looks like today.  It is beautiful.  As I walked around it, I remembered how it looked before they started and was impressed with the detail that went into restoring it.  Even the glass has that old, pounded, wavy look.  The stained glass in each window adds to the charm of this old train station.  It is now a part of the Green Way Bike Trail. 
While the addition is not the exact same thing as what was originally on it, it has more of a train station feel like this.
Notice the racks to park your bike, where once, perhaps, there were hitching posts for horses.  Please take advantage of a visit to this wonderfully restored building from Columbiana County's History, located in Lisbon, Ohio.  It is worth a moment of your time!
Here are a couple of web sites with additional information about the restoration and the P.L.&W Railroad.