Thursday, February 17, 2011

At Night Alone At BCSP

Last night found us at Beaver Creek State Park at the Poineer Village once more. A few weeks ago we went down and heard this strange animal noise that spooked us enough to leave after only a few minutes. We had our Video camera going, though didn't pick up anything visual, though we did get some audio. What ever the creature was, it was angry. Then when the coyotes started howling, that is when we left.

G12P crew members Brooke, Amber, and Briana standing on the Thomas Malone Covered Bridge. 

Seeming to glow in the dark, this old bridge at BCSP is one of the few older bridges left in the county.  There was a covered bridge here before this one. 

Lock #36 as it looks at night. 
We visited there again last night, but all was quiet. We are very interested in Bigfoot in the area and hope to find evidence of his existence. For certain this is not Bigfoot but it sure made for an exciting evening.  Do I believe this area is haunted?   For sure I do.  We will be doing more work in this area to see what we find.