Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb. 18 Midnight Run To The BCSP Pioneer Village

 I know, this picture sucks, but for some reason, nearly every pic we took of John Trivelli, turned out blurry.  Interesting.  John is a KSU student from the main campus and joined us for the evening to do a short photo story about Paranormal Investigators and how they do an investigation.  By the end of the evening he got a taste of several things, including a little Bigfoot hunting.
 We had a nice crew of about 14.  Ultimately we  split into two crews and tackled the whole area.  As always we had a good time.
 We did several EVP sessions and photo sessions in the area, including the circle below the Pioneer Village.  We are still going over the recordings and pics. So far, some of the EVP's we have gotten include:
"I had an accident"
"My name's Becka"
"Get out of the park"
There are others but I have not listened to all the recorders yet nor has my crew members sent me their results from their own equipment.
 My Co-Lead Investigator Jon and I lead the two crews for the night.  It was cold, but we had several personal experiences which included seeing shadow persons around the Gaston's Mill.  We also had several pics with Red Orbs in them.  Yes.  Yes.  I know.  Controversial, but my personal belief is that there is something to the orbs.  One theory with the red is it means an angry spirit.  Only theory of course.
We were also joined by our newest crew member, Jackson.  He had a good time and did a great job.  I think he is going to work out just fine, at least until we lose him to college.  Sammi and Brooke call him Sparrow (as in Jack Sparrow).  I am sure the name will stick. 

We covered most of the park and thanks to crew members like Briana, we got a lot of good video as well.  Close to the end of the evening, Jon's crew heard loud crashing in the trees in the center of the circle.  Amber, our Lead Cryptozoologist switched from Ghost Hunter to Bigfoot Hunter in a flash.  Via Walkies they told us what was happening and my crew raced to the scene.  Lisa and Jackson took off ahead of us and traveled to the right while the rest of us went to the left.  Ultimately half cut through the woods to join Lisa and Jackson.  We all met back up by the little play area below the Williams house.
John Trivelli got quite a work out between the ghosts and Bigfoot.  He would like to return some time in March and go again.  We look forward to it!