Friday, February 25, 2011

"759 Dresden"-A Documentary of a 1973 Triple Murder in East Liverpool

 In 2008 a man named David Dunlap was in town filming a documentary on the unsolved murder of Earl Tweed and Linda and Angela Morris on July 30, 1973.  Earl had been stabbed over 20 times.  Linda and Angela were beaten to death.  The documentary tells the stories of these people which includes interviews with family members.  It also talks about CCFHV (Columbiana County Families Of Homicide Victims).  Their web site address is
 Yours truly has a small part in the documentary, though I have not gotten to see it yet.  I was working at the CCFHV tent at Rogers Sale and Mr. Dunlap came out and filmed us as we told the people walking by the CCFHV story.   I am not sure at this time when or if this documentary will be shown again.  I heard it would play about 4 different times on the PBS stations.  I hope I get to see it at least once!  I have heard it is very good.  I do have a web site address you can find more information about this documentary entitled "759 Dresden".

The location of this horrific murder is on the East Liverpool Haunted and Historical tour which we will be offering once again during the Tri-State Pottery Festival this year.  We will also have a booth set up with stories and posters about the different legends we have found in the area. 
If I hear anything about the next telecast of the documentary 
"759 Dresden"  I will be sure to post it!