Monday, February 28, 2011


 Sometimes you find a rare surprise in your adventures.  As I toured the Gaston Mill at Beaver Creek State Park I took this picture because I was attracted to the many old photos all collaged togethere.  It hangs on the wall on the same floor as the General Morgan display.  Strangely, I paid little attention at first to the portraite on the center top.   On a second visit``I walked past it once more when the name under the portraite registered in my memory. 
This is Edward Gill.  The same Edward Gill who engineered the Sandy and Beaver Canals.  The same Edward Gill, if legend is true, that is the father of our infamous Gretchen Gill.  Gretchen died of malaria or typhoid fever at the age of 12 and was entombed in Lock Number 41, Gretchen's Lock.  At some point her father may or may not have had her body removed to take back to Ireland.  His ship went down at sea and both he and his daughter were buried somewhere out in the Atlantic, or so the legend goes.  In real life, Mr. Gill is buried down in Virginia.  And acording to many historians, never had any children. 
Either way, this is what he looked like.  For me, it makes the story more tangable.  Mr. Gill has a face.  What might that mean for our Gretchen?