Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Historical Research of Columbiana County Continues This Spring.....IN WELLSVILLE

 Our efforts continue to discover the lost history of the county this spring when you will see us out there (if you haven't already) searching the streets of Wellsville.  Already we have found several interesting buildings and areas around this historic city.
 These images are just some of the mysteries we hope to solve as we prepare our next haunted and historical tour.  We will be searching for Brimstone Corner.  Toe Path. 
The Whitacre House.  Stories of murder long forgotten.  Echoes of presidents past.
 Grand churches turned into Day Care centers.  Houses turned into apartments. 
High Schools of yesterday that are middle Schools today?  And sights of buildings long gone.
 Memories and ghosts of a pottery giant.
 Parts of a past long forgotten yet always remembered.  Cemeteries long removed, or at least what they could find.
And the places that brought so many smiles to our faces and memories to carry with us always.  Wellsville has all this and so much more.  Places and people we have yet to discover.  I can't wait to see what treasures we find.  I finished a book called "Before The Memories Fade" and I loved it.  It told stories and gave a picture of a life in Wellsville that few knew was here.  The Ohio River brought people here and the Railroad kept them here.  If you know any stories of the Wellsville area, please let us know!  We are also still looking for any tales of the Silver Family, who owned the Silver Bank in the late 1800's.  The mystery surrounding the Silver Crypt is as thick as ever and begs to be solved. Hope to see you out there on the streets of Wellsville!