Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Interesting Sights In Rogers, Ohio

  Honestly, my jaw hit the ground when we found this house.  I hope to get some better pictures of it and some history .  Architecturally, it is gorgeous.   It sits on top of a hill in Rogers and seems to have had a gate or perhaps a fence that went around it.  It was one of several surprises we found in Rogers on this day.
I am sure you recognize the old General Store and Hotel that sits along Rt 7.  Who ever owns it is working to fix it up. I did a story on this building before.  They have since added the porch in the front.  It looks like something right out of the old west and is one of my most favorite historic buildings remaining in Columbiana County.
And then we found this bridge.  I know next to nothing about it.  I sent pictures of it to a man named Nathan Holth, who is interested in Historic Bridges. He said this bridge is even more rare than the one at Bowman's Cemetery.  :)  Nice!    I hope he can save it.  We are going back Thursday morning top get some better pictures of it.  Again, right there in Rogers!  I look forward to seeing what else is hiding in little Rogers.  I see a great Haunted and Historic Tour forming here!  Let the discovery begin!