Monday, April 4, 2011

Respect~The Most Important Word In The Ghost Hunter's Vocabulary

 This aggravates me to no end.  Why would anyone want to destroy some one's grave site?  I just don't understand it. 
This is a beautiful example of a possible Table Top Tomb or Chest Tomb.  The stone is inscribed with the information about the person under it.  In this picture, taken in early spring, 2010, you can see it is cracked in many places, but still in one piece. 

This is what it looks like now.  It looks like some one tried to look inside.  GRRR!!!  I hate that.  It is a beautiful grave marker.    RESPECT is one of the most important words you have in the ghost hunters vocabulary.  Respect the area you are investigating. Respect other ghost hunting crews.  Respect the entities you are choosing to interact with.  With out it, you won't go far in this field. 


 Achor Valley Cemetery is one of my favorite cemeteries in Columbiana County.  It has great presence when you enter the grounds.  The long forgotten church that stands guard over the many graves leaves a slight chill up your spine as well.  We have not been out here since Feb, and decided to come check the place out on our midnight run Friday April 1. 

  While we were there, a car with several young people showed up and got pretty upset when we went about our business and  wouldn't leave.  They finally left themselves cussing at us as they drove away. 
There are definitely ghosts that roam this area.  I can't say for sure about inside the church, but outside you are not alone.
My crew for the evening was Becky, Briana, and Jackson.  We had a great time walking among the old stones and doing several EVP sessions.  We also heard a strange wailing sound that may have been someone driving across the Carmel Achor Road Bridge, but they sure were going fast, if that is what it was. 
This cemetery is worthy of a visit more in the daytime because of all the interesting stones that mark the graves.  Night time just gives it that added spookiness that all cemeteries have at that time.  Except out here, there is no one to hear you scream......Bwahhahhahhaaa!