Monday, April 18, 2011

April 15 Thompson Park Adventure

Jon getting ready to lead his team.
 We had an awesome night at Thompson Park on Friday.  We split up into two groups.  Group one was lead by Jon.  They went around the circle starting with the Time Capsule.  My group started with the fountain. 
"Alex at the amphitheater."

Jen and Sammi

Jon had Jen,
Sammi, Alex, Becky,
Will, and Amber on his crew.  They did an awesome job!
If there are any spirits here, please get in the picture!
 I had Dave, Teresa, Jackson, Mike and Alan.  Again, awesome job everyone!  It was pretty windy but not too cold.  We had about 30 people show up to help us hunt for ghosts!

Becky in for support!
 Because there was a lot of wind, we stuck to having Ghost box sessions. That worked just fine.  We got plenty of responses all around the park.  Especially at Pavilion #1 and the Time Capsule. 

Amber telling tales.

Jackson and Teresa after a long night of fun and ADVENTURE!
When asked to name the color of our thermometer, orange came out of the box and everyone was amazed.  Including me!

Everyone having a great time at Thompson Park!
 Our next tour at Thompson Park will be May 18 at 7pm!  Come join us for an adventure!