Monday, May 2, 2011

A Walk Along The Forgotten Roads Of Beaver Creek

Loved finding this beautiful waterfall!  Jon crawled all over it!

Creepy baby doll head.  It is made of plastic, though it has no eyes.

Jon, Masion and Sena take in the sights!

Remains of an old coal mine.

Lisa is standing at the top of what
remains of the steps of an
old hotel just down of
Grimms Bridge.

Lock 51 from the other side of the creek!

Briana standing in the stream coming from the

Amber examining a bone she found.

I do not know a time that  this road was ever used
and yet someone has put a drainage pipe acrossed it
at one time. 

The date carved into this tree is 1936.

We also found the remains of this old house.