Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Awesome Civil War Reenactment Weekend.

The battle waged across the pond at Beaver Creek State Park
 I had never seen a Civil War Reenactment before this past weekend.  It was awesome!  They had tactical maneuvers, soldiers who were killed in battle, a medical tent set up to tend the wounded, a Union encampment, a Confederate encampment, a sarsaparilla bar, and an area for settlers peddling their wares.  Oh, and they had us there too!

This is one of the three cannons they had for the battles at the park.

The cannon was so loud!  Even when we watched them load it, prep it, and light the fuse, I still jumped when it fired!  Loved it!

WE got to see how they dressed, what they cooked on, their guns, and so much more.  For a little while we went back in time and experienced an amazing era in the history of this great country.
The Confederate Camp

My ghosts that haunted the park for the ghost walk.

The candle light amputations (there were two)
included a leg and pictured above an arm!

A confederate soldier and his gun. 

Kimberly and General John Hunt Morgan!
I am as happy as I look!  He was truly charming.

And I got to meet General John Hunt Morgan!  That was just awesome!!!
We had over 200 people attend the ghost walk and candle
light amputation.  It was awesome!

Dr. David Silver, Sadie Barcus, Lucy Cobb, and Jake the Night Watchman
were among the ghosts who haunted the park this weekend.

WE were joined by members of a ghost hunting crew called O.A.R.A (Ohio Afterlife Research Association).  They came to our rescue when we needed extra help and we are truly grateful!  They traveled all the way from Alliance!  Thank you Melvina, Melissa, and Josh!  We look forward to working with you again!
Another battle scene, complete with a fallen Union soldier.

WE had a great time this weekend and hope to do many more things like this!  Our next event is May 13 at Spring Grove Cemetery for a fundraiser tour.  ALL PROCEEDS GO TO SPRING GROVE CEMETERY!!!