Monday, May 16, 2011

Some New Faces On Our Legends Characters

This year, Thompson Park's Blue Lady will be played by Sena.  She spent a few days working on the costume, even getting the parasol and gloves.  Our Blue Lady is awesome!
The Captain and the Lady will be played by Makayla and Jackson.  Makayla's mom got her costume from places like her family and Good Will.  It turned out perfect!

Will is our Jake the night watchman.   Amber is playing Christina Sloan, the witch of Hanoverton!

This year Goldie Bell Taylor will be played by a young lady name Emily (Jackson's little sister!)  We are working on a costume for this well known ghost from our past.  And thanks to Mike Lawson, AKA General Stonewall Jackson!

Dr. David Silver is played by Alex.  His mom, Jen, actually made the top hats.  Awesome job!! 

We were joined by O.A.R.A (Ohio Afterlife Research Associaton).  Members who joined us were Melvina, Melissa, and Josh!  Thank you again guys for all your help!Our Bowman Cemetery Witch is played by Jennifer this year. She made her costume also, even the hat. 

Erastus Eels was played by Brett.  He will be helping us out over the summer.  Thank you Brett!!
All  in all, our characters are turning out very nice.  We are excited that our introduction of our 1800 characters was so well received!  We have several other characters that include Julia Walls (played by Teresa), Willis Payne (Played by Alan), Pretty Boy Floyd (played by Mike), the Carnival  Girl (played by Mary Hagerty), Billy Amos (played by Gale, who will also play Little David from Sprucevale.), and several others yet to come.  Please be on the look our for us out there.  We are accepting donations to help with costumes for our characters.  Much of what we do is free to the public so any donations are appreciated.  In fact we need $175 to get our Bigfoot costume, and we are working on fundraisers for that.