Friday, June 3, 2011

The Lost Girl of Grimms Bridge

There are many forgotten tales of the area.  Many because the people who told them or knew of them passed on themselves.  My family moved to this area in the 1940's.  My Grandfather bought property directly above Beaver Creek.  He told my father three stories about the Grimms Bridge Area, which my father told me.  One is about a girl who lived somewhere around Grimms Bridge.  Little is known about her other than she was last seen riding her horse across Grimms Bridge toward Calcutta.   
She was never seen again.  A few days after she disappeared, the head of her horse was found in the woods near the creek.  While there is no way to know for sure, it is rumored that she now haunts the Grimms Bridge area, often being seen around the bridge.  Some have said they have seen her dancing across the top of the bridge. 

In researching this story, I have not yet found any mention of her story in any of the local newspapers.  Nor have I found her story in any local books about the area.  There are stories of a Blue Lady of Grimms Bridge but I do not know if they are referring to the Lost Girl.  If you have ever heard of this story or any others about the Grimms Bridge area, please let me know!