Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Broadway Wharf in East Liverpool

Last night was just one of those crazy nights that we decided to start a midnight run at midnight.  We usually start at about 10 pm, but last night was hot and muggy and we were restless.  Amber, Brooke, Sammi, Briana and I went to the Broadway Wharf. This area is new to us and we spent some time exploring.  We are looking for some history of this area, so if you know any, please share!
This place is beautiful.  I would say it is one of the more attractive and comfortable places you will find in the city.  Perhaps it is the smell of the river and the lazy way it makes its way past us.  We were there until 3am.

Our only company was a man fishing.  Oh, and  a family of ducks.  We did several ghost box sessions and EVP sessions to try to hear what ghosts might be lingering nearby. Just by listening in the field we were able to determine there may be something out there....
We will be making several more trips to this area to see what we can find. Over the decades, there have been many drownings, boating accidents, fires, and other mishaps along this part of the river.   The location is also interesting.  According to theory, areas near a body of water(in this case the Ohio River)  can be very haunted.  There is also railroad tracks that run on the other side of the wharf, something that also, theoretically can give you a more haunting experience.  Time will tell.  Do you have any ghost stories about this area?  We would love to hear them!