Monday, June 13, 2011

The Hanoverton Summer Ghost Walk Tour Schedule Through August!


By History, Haunts and Legend Tours
Starting time: 8:15pm
Meet at Spread Eagle Tavern
Price: $6--10 and over-under 10 free

Fri. June 17th
Sat. June 25th
Sat. July 2nd
Fri. July 8th
Sat. July 16th
Sat. July 23rd
Sat. July 30th
Sat. Aug. 6th
Sat. Aug. 13th
Sat. Aug. 20th
Sat. Aug. 27th

Above is the schedule for the City of Hanoverton's Ghost Tours for the summer.  This is a DO-NOT-MISS tour for Columbiana County!  G12P went on it two years ago and we had an awesome time.  You hear about many cool stories, including the sad tale of Oliveena, who hanged herself from a third story window of the Spread Eagle Tavern.  You will hear about Christina Sloan, the Witch of Hanoverton!  Once the chains fall from around her grave, it is said she will rise and destroy the town of Hanoverton!  The Talisman on the chains have eyes on them and you can see them on the tour.  It is just awesome!
  G12P plans on going to the July 2 Tour.  Please make time for this truly fun adventure here in Columbiana County, OHIO!  Ohio is where the ghosts are!  G12P is out there looking for them!

G12P's Gretchen's Lock Camping Trip-June 17-19

 We will be camping at Gretchen's Lock this weekend from Friday at 3pm to Sunday at 1pm.
Friday night we are having a Bigfoot walk at 7pm back to Gretchen's Lock.  Then it is ghost hunting for the rest of the night (unless we find Bigfoot). 

We will be hiking back the trail beside the Grist Mill also.  That will be Saturday afternoon after 1pm.  I would give a time but we are NEVER on time. 
We plan on doing several psychic experiments,  splitting up into groups to tackle several sections of the park at once, exploring the bridge,
Gretchen's Actual Lock, and the Death Site of Pretty Boy Floyd.  We are also having our own private fishing tournament Saturday evening. 
Please feel free to come down and visit us!!