Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cool Springs Cemetery-A Cool Cemetery Indeed!

 Mike found an awesome little cemetery on one of his routes.  It is called Cool Springs Cemetery.  You can find it on the corner of Woodville and Crestviewn near Leetonia, off of 558.  It is very small.  While still an active Cemetery, it does not seem that it was used for a long time and then people started using it again. 
It's unique feature is the monuments to departed loved ones.  They are not in any way huge.  Yet when you leave, you actually feel like you knew a little about those who are at rest there.  And you definitely feel the deep love for them that lingers around them.  

If walking through cemeteries is something you like to do, this one is worth a look.  While you wonder what happened to some of the people, here you leave not knowing their cause of death, but realizing they were truly greatly deeply loved in life. 

Our Camping Weekend Was AWESOME!!!

 Two days of camping fun was just what we needed this past weekend!  We had 13 tents and over 35 people who ended up coming.  Some plans were changed, but for the most part, everything went like the adventure we had hoped for. 
 Saturday night we had a fishing tournament and it was so much fun!  Briana won for the most fish caught (she bagged 7 bluegill).  Amber won for the smallest fish caught, at a little over 8 inches.  And I won for the biggest fish caught with a catfish that was 21 inches long.  All of our fish were caught and released.  It was great fun!
We found ourselves at Gretchen's Lock several times.  The lure there is great!  So is the walk to get to it and we did it at all hours of the night.  There is almost a mile between our camp site and the Lock.  We were busy!

We also had the extreme pleasure of hunting with OARA, a ghost hunting group from Alliance.  We have hunted with them several times and they are awesome!  They helped us with our May 7 event as well and we are honored to have them as our friends!

 Amber and Brooke were our water nymphs for the weekend(because they had rubber boots!) 
Saturday was the best day for us.  I found a bike in the creek and my sons, David and Jon fished it out for me.  It works great and I needed one!  Later in the day there was a massive search and rescue for a woman and three kids who were thought to be lost on a canoe trip.  It may also have been three women and one child, but we never did get that part straight.  They were all found safe and sound however, thankfully!  Then later, there was a group of rowdy kids at the Gris Mill who were beating on the wooden front door, trying to get in.  Half of us went racing over there to stop them.  While we did not see them actually do it, we did hear it plain as day and one even admitted to it.  That was a tense few moments.    One thing I will not tolerate is vandalizing that building.  It has been there about 200 years and certainly does not need anyone trying to destroy it or write all over it.

THEN, once that drama was over, we heard a Bigfoot!  It was coming from other direction of the park.  Amber said she was nearly crying as she ran toward it, thinking that everyone would believe her now.  WE believe her, of course, but non G12P members are another story.  After the fourth Bigfoot cry that we heard, Amber gave an answering call.  Then we heard two slams of car doors and the sound of someone peeling out from the lookout above.  Sadly, our Bigfoot turned out to be a human.  Bummer.  But for a few moments there......
Our camping adventure was just that.  A true adventure!  We are planning another one.  Possibly not until September, but when we decide , we will let you know!