Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Widow Of Boatman Cemetery

 We went exploring in East Palestine on Sunday.  I was looking for information about the Widow of Boatman Cemetery.  I was emailed about a year ago with a story about a black mass seen floating among the stones of Boatman Cemetery.  This little cemetery is known for it dedication to veterans.  Many believe the black mass is a widow, searching the graves for her husband, who was killed in one of the wars that our great country has been involved in. 
Michail, Jonathan and I went with the hopes of possibly finding the names that might be involved with a story like this.  While the police station did tell us they had heard the story, they were not aware of any names involved. 

The Cemetery itself is well worth your time to visit.  Again, it is one of those old grave yards that you just get lost in reading the stones.  There are two sets of twins buried here, not to mention scores of other children buried there. 

Jon spent over an hour there, taking a pictures of every single stone that dots the park.  He was very thorough.  I would expect nothing less from one of my lead investigators.  He is awesome!
 We were using two full spectrum cameras and a night vision camera to get some of these shots. 

There are three men buried in Boatman who fought in the Revolutionary war.  It is well maintained.  and completely fenced in.  It protects the stones however, so I don not blame.
 I will bet I read this over and over again. 
 There are many stones that are going to be a great read.  We were there over an hour and still didn't cover it all.

There are many stones I favorited that stand quietly alone there.  Many more were an excellent read. \