Thursday, June 30, 2011


 G12P has been going strong since 2008.  We have given free tours, held fundraisers, investigated homes, businesses,  and explored at least half of Columbiana County. 
We have even been to other states like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, and Indiana, always as a crew, working together.
   Getting the schedule of 22 people to match takes a lot of work and dedication of our members.  It is not easy.  People have to work.  They have families and lives .   
But they always seem to come through.   We have so many members so that we can always come up with a crew when necessary.  We also do so many public things that we need people for crowd control, impersonating characters, mannng booths, etc. 
In most cases everyone manages to make time for our always busy schedule.  Getting the investigations we get takes a lot of work.  You have to talk to people and let them know you exist.  We also have crew shirts and hoodies that we wear when we attend an event as a group.  On July 2 we are attending the Hanoverton Ghost Walk and we will be wearing our shirts for that.

We also dress up as the characters of our county that we have discovered in our research.   
Esther Hale, Gretchen Gill, Pretty Boy Floyd,
The Lost Girl, Lucy Cobb, Jake the Night Watchman, and many others.
Last year we helped the East Liverpool Jaycees put on their Haunted Park at Thompson Park.  It was a great experience for us.  AND A LOT OF WORK AND DEDICATION. We helped to get them into the park.   We helped to build the sets for the scenes.  We helped to put it all together.  We helped to man the park to scare people.  And finally we helped to tear it down and put it away.  That took hours and hours  of our time.   We basically lived out at the park from September through October.  That takes dedication.  The people on my crew have that and more than proved it with this project!

From all of this we get the occasional house investigation and that makes it well worth our time.  One of our guidelines is that if you find the investigation you are on the crew for it.  We ended up with 8 investigations for all our work at the park.
Perhaps one of our best adventures are the Midnight Runs.  We just take off from time to time  and investigate an area at night.  Sometimes it is at 10pm and sometimes it is at 1am.  We never know when it will be, but  crew members are always more than ready to take off for an adventure.  Not everyone goes every time.   You go when you can. 
The point is we all work together to make our crew what it is.  Yes, we argue with each other.  Every crew will do that.  But we work it out.  The disagreements we have make us stronger.  And  here we are, stronger than ever.  Our Columbiana County Legends Tour is great  this year and packed with local history.  Everyone has a great time.    Now if you have read clear down to here, you will learn that we are looking for new crew members.  It is very hard to find people who are this dedicated.  Are you interested in working with the public?  Learning about the history of Columbiana County and the Trip State Area?  Doing a little acting?   Doing community service and fundraisers for local charities?  Ghost hunting in old houses, businesses and public areas?  Running around in the middle of the night having one adventure after another?  Then Ghosting 12 Paranormal Investigations is looking for you!!!  If you are interested in becoming a crew member, please email me for an interview!
We have three spots open right now.  That will give us 25 members.  Email me with a little info about you and   what you hope to get out of being a ghost hunter on our crew!  I will schedule an appointment with you for a meet and greet and we will go from there!