Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Hanoverton Ghost Tour Is A Don't Miss Tour!

 My crew and I attended the July 2 Hanoverton Ghost Walk last night.  It was fantastic!  Walking the age old streets of Hanoverton on a warm summer night just can't be beat!  This is my Away Crew.  Mike, Briana, Jackson, and Will.  They go with me any time I ask them.  This may become one of their permanent responsibilities.......
 The tour starts at the Spread Eagle Tavern.  Just looking at the building outside is worth the trip up there.  It has a Masons symbol on the side and the stone workmanship is evidence that they built this Tavern.  We heard the sad story of The Lady In The Window.  It is the story of Oliveena (possibly Olivia) and how she ended up hanging herself out the third story window with her own bed sheets.
WE also heard a story about the reason bells are used at Halloween. Bells keeps spirits away when you ring them.  Mothers used to give them to their children on Halloween before sending them out for trick or treat.  So, if you ever heard that bells attract spirits to you, that is wrong.  Bells keep them away! 
 We then visited the infamous house where the town doctor would perform midnight autopsies in a secret upstairs room of his home. Where did he get the bodies?  He dug them up from the cemetery of course, a very illegal act. 
We visited the family Sloan and heard the story of the Witch of Hanoverton.  Christina was not quiet in our EVP's this night.  These we will be posting on here soon.
We had a nice group who attended also.  Jean, our tour guide,  made the whole evening so much better with her story telling skills and her beautiful dress.  It added greatly to the experience!

 WE did two ghost box sessions during the tour at the grave site of Christina Sloan.  We got a name when we asked for one.  Higgins.  When we asked how many people were there, the answer we got was "Plenty".   The tour ended, in Grove Hill Cemetery, but we stayed behind and did a few more EVP's and Ghost Box Sessions before the evening storm started rumbling.  From the beautiful statue we are standing in front of a beam of light shoots out and flies across the cemetery.  The only thing written on this grave marker is "MOTHER".  We did not witness that, but still enjoyed seeing this beautiful statue.
This tour is well worth you time to attend.  Just walking the streets and looking at the old houses, churches and walkways, having a great dinner at the Spread Eagle Tavern, and a visit to the cemetery (for the braver of you out there) is worth the drive to this wonderful little town.  Hearing the ghost stories along with it makes it awesome!
They will be having tours every Saturday through Aug 27.  The tours Start at 8:15 and cost $6 per person.  Children 10 and under are free.  It takes about two hours to do the whole tour, including walking time to the cemetery.  G12P highly recommends it!