Friday, July 22, 2011

Nessly Chapel Cemetery Revisited

 The most well known rumor that surrounds Nessly Chapel Cemetery concerns witches.  Let me point out that I know nothing about covens or witch craft or anything like that.  I am therefore not going to write about something i know nothing about.  I have nothing against the practice of Witch Craft or Wiccan if that is the correct term.  I feel it is a religion like any other. However, I will be learning more about it so I do know more about what I am writing about.  It comes up too much in Ghost Hunting, even in passing.
  The first story I heard about Nessly Chapel claimed there was a witches alter (what ever that is) on the grounds and a coven of witches meet here to practice their craft.  This large mound of weeds was supposed to be the area for the Alter.  Hmmm.  Looks like a pile of briars and brush to me. 

There is this grave marker, a chest type tomb that kept any one from digging your body up to experiment on (a fear in the late 1800's as that was a common  practice with doctors.  It was illegal to do autopsies so they would dig up the recently dead in area cemeteries in the middle of the night and autopsy them) .   Is this a Witches Alter?  Nope. 
There are other, older stones like that one.  This area(to the left) is for one of the many Brown family  
tombs here.  I have a story later about the Brown family I found on Find A Grave.
The reason we went today was to look for some sign of some kind of witches alter.  There was nothing there to indicate that any kind of rituals or meetings go on here. In fact it is still an active cemetery with a long history that goes back before the Civil War.  It has stories of Underground Railroad ties surrounding it.  It is definitely a beautiful cemetery in West Virginia that is an awesome stop for anyone who enjoys walking in old cemeteries.   But a meeting sight for a coven of witches?  Well, if it is, they left no evidence of it.  The only mystery about this little cemetery is the area for THE UNKNOWN DEAD.  20-25 (why are they not sure of the number of dead buried here?  Fire disaster?  Flood?  Bodies mangled and mixed up?  My imagination just goes off the charts here sometimes.  Sorry.) unknown bodies buried here.  There are divits in the ground where you can tell someone was buried.   But why don't they know who so many people are?  One story says there was a steam boat accident on the Ohio River and there were slaves inside who parished when the ship sank who were trying to escape to freedom.  No one knew who they were so maybe they buried them in a mass grave?  Still looking for an explanation for that.