Monday, July 25, 2011

July 23 Bigfoot Adventure

 We decided to to a Bigfoot hunt  for a change at Gretchen's Lock July 23.  There were 6 of us.  Amber, our fearless Bigfoot Hunter leader, Jon, Mike, Briana, Will, and myself.  We took with us some Bigfoot Bait (all secret ingredients) cameras and recorders.  Oh and Bug spray.  It was oppressively hot and the bugs were vicious! 
We set out our Bigfoot bait in several places first.  You could smell that stuff a mile away. Afterward we walked around and just looked at the area around us.

There is plenty of room on that trail.   It also goes for Miles back into the woods.  We have done previous Bigfoot walks back into this wilderness.   No.  We have not encountered anything,  but if we keep practicing, when  we do (I am  optimistic) we will be ready!

Amber is very serous about this and keeps excellent field notes!   She wrote down where we went what we did and what time we did it.  I was impressed with her thoroughness.  Leaving our Bigfoot investigations with her was a good idea.  She is awesome!

We did find some bare foot prints.   Personally you would never catch me walking around in this mess in my bare feet, but someone sure did.  For practice we measured it, took pictures  and documented anything we could about it. I appreciated the experience.  If it was not so mucky wet, we would have made a cast of it too. 

In the end two of our bait bags disappeared.  Some unknown critters took off with them.  One was hanging in a tree about 6 feet up and something got it.  We had only  been gone an hour.  We also heard something walking through the woods several times.

One thing I kept thinking about.  As we peered into the darkness that surrounded us, I wondered what was peering back at us.  We will be going again