Thursday, August 4, 2011

Looking For Salem History

 I spent over three hours in the library today. 
There is this awesome room downstairs of the Carnegie Library filled with books that are over 100 years old.  Yes, they are dusty, but filled with pictureyou can find  little tidbits of facts and stories long forgotten.  The problem is finding these little bits of info.  That requires hours of research.  For me, it was three hours plus of digging today.
The former High School in
Salem rivals the Central School. in East Liverpool in Gothicness!  Oh I wish I could have walked these halls, even just once!  How sad that this beautiful building was torn down!  

Or this one!  This one is gone as well (as far as I know) and I wonder where the bell is that was once in the Bell  tower.  Are there any real pictures of it rather than drawings?  This will require still more digging. Perhaps when we return to Salem  next week we will be able to track down some answers to these and many other questions.
I also found maps with so many different items on it.  Here you see Friends Cemetery outlined.  It also looks like Ellsworth was once called Range Street.  Hmmmm....

We are working on a tour of Salem for the end of
September or beginning of October and we are looking for any ghost stories you might have about this little town steeped in history.  Email me!

Is Southern Local Haunted?

While at the Salt Festival, several people told stories of Southern Local High School being haunted by two different ghosts. 
On story details the tragic death of a young man who was leaving school one day and wrecked his vehicle as he was speeding past the front of the building.  Apparently decapitated, he now walks the halls of the high school, watching over the students.  One person said he has been seen wandering along the road in front of the school.  Several people supposedly stopped on different occasions to see if the young man needed help and he would simply vanish as they tried to speak with him.
Another story talks of a little girl in pioneer dress walking the hallways of the high school as well.  Many theorized she was there long before the school was built.
Have you ever had an experience of a ghostly nature in this school, on the high school side?  Email me please and let me know!