Wednesday, August 17, 2011


 You have to look, but sprinkled around the Calcutta area are a few buildings that are over a century old.  This one, located off of rt 172, stands empty for now.  I hope it has a story to tell that I can find.  It is old houses like these that adds charm and character to a city or town.  Who built this house and  lived, loved, and possibly even died here? 
 This next house comes with a garage and an awesome little barn.  It is also empty, but the house is beautiful.  The porch foundation is made from cinder block but the house itself has a cut stone base.  Definitely 1800's.  It has a wonderful view of the Calcutta area and has witnessed the constant growth and change that Calcutta is going through.  It once had a front row seat just about for the many movies that played at Sky  View Theater.  What is the story of the people who lived, loved and maybe even died here? 
This house sits along East Liverpool Road.  Behind it there are several little tiny houses or apartments.  There used to be a lot of little businesses like this in the area.  I can remember one on rt 45 going toward Salem once upon a time.  It is long gone.  I do not know anything about what this was or the type of people who stayed here.  Workers?  Travelers?  Who built this house and  lived, loved, and possibly even died here?

This little tiny house sits on Irish Ridge Road.  It has a long row of old license place on the outside beside the door.  I don't think any one lives there now, but it is so small and unusual it must have a story.   Who built this house and  lived, loved, and possibly even died here?
This one I managed to find a little bit about.  It is called the Old Gaston Farm.  It sits on Franklin Street.  I think it was built around the 1850's.  The house beside it used to be the Milk house though no cows were ever in it.  Below this house used to be orchards.  Was it the Gaston Family who built this home?  At least with this one I have a name to work with.  Research will continue.

This house sits on Cannons Mills Road , right beside the old Adrians Banquet hall.  I think my third grade teacher, Mrs. Shipley used to live there, but they moved long ago.  Definitely a century home, what is its story?  Like the other homes, 
The little houses along East Liverpool road.
who built this house and  lived, loved, and possibly even died here? 
If you have any information on these buildings you would like share, please email or leave a comment.  There has to be some interesting stories about these buildings.  I would love to find them before everyone who knows them is long gone, like so many of the old buildings that was once Calcutta.