Saturday, August 20, 2011

Family Video Was An Awesome Event!

 We set up at Family Video today and told some of the local stories as well as showed off some of our equipment.  Jackson came dressed as a Quaker preacher and little Madison came dressed as a little ghost.  It was a great time. 
I t was Family Video's one year anniversary.   They had balloons, cake and fruit punch as well as free face painting. 

We had our Bigfoot expert, Amber, there to answer any Big Guy questions too! 

 Madison was awesome as a cute little ghost wandering the isles. 
We had our camera system set up and recorded several areas of the video store. 

For G12P we had a nice turn out and every one had a great time!  Abbie and Sammi grossed us out by getting giant pickles and sticking straws in them and drinking the pickle juice.  YUCK!!!

We look forward to doing this again for some of the future movies coming out.  Thank you to Family Video for having us to help with your birthday celebration!  We love that you are here and hope you stay around for a long time!
Look for us at Gretchen's Lock on Aug 26 and 27 as we are camping there for the third time this summer!  We have a blast every time we go!  Searching for ghosts and Bigfoot is awesome down there!