Monday, August 22, 2011


 You will find this beauty on Annesley Road.  After months of passing this house, I finally stopped and just asked the owners about it. They were really nice about it.  They even took me inside for a tour.  :)
 There were two fireplaces.  No one has lived in it for years.  It was once a farm house and there was a whole farm there with a barn and out buildings.  It was long before Route 11 was built. 

 It was owned by a nice couple for years.  The Husband died and the Wife rented it out for several years.  She finally decided to live in it, so she started having it renovated.  Tragically she was killed in a car accident before she could move in. 
Here it has sat, ever since.  No one else ever lived in it, or so I am told.  I am looking for more information on this house and this story. 

It was awesome getting to walk through it and take a few pictures.  We couldn't go upstairs, but the threat of bees and bats was enough to keep me down stairs.  Still the feel of the house was old and mysterious.
One of my favorite things about this house was the old curtains hanging in the windows.  They have been hanging there for years and truly match the house.  It was kind of the icing on the cake.  If you know any stories about this old house please email me!