Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jacob Grimm-Namesake for Grimms Bridge

Jacob Grimm was born in Hesse-Casel, Germany, in 1761, and came to this country when very young. He died in 1843 and is buried in Calcutta, Ohio.(I have not found this grave yet for sure, though the whole family seems to be buried at Longs Run.) He was hired to England during the Revolutionary War as one of the Hessian troops.  Falling in love with America and its ideals, he deserted  the Hessian's and joined the 23rd Regiment commanded by Gen. George Washington. He also later fought with Jackson at New Orleans, La. Eventually, along with two other families,  he built a flat bottomed boat and sailed  the rivers, ending up at the mouth of Beaver Creek.  Jacob went to work for John Beaver, carrying chain for a surveying gang. Not being satisfied with this work he went with John Spear and learned the paper maker’s trade. He helped make the first paper that was sent to Philadelphia and later made into readers and school books. It was during this time that he acquired 160 acres of ground, which was on both sides of the Beaver Creek (at one time was called the Spahr Farm).  He lived to be 82 years old and was always very active. Grimm’s Bridge was named in honor of him.

This grave site may belong to Jacob Grimm, though the letters are too worn to see for sure.  I will keep looking and hope to find something for certain in the near future.