Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Ghostly Legend For Leetonia

This is Pam and Will standing beside the sign for Mount Calvary Cemetery near Leetonia, Ohio.  We went to check it out because Will had heard an interesting legend about the area. (Will grew up in Salem) 

Once upon a time on this road, somewhere around Grafton and Lisbon Road, a young girl was hitch hiking.  No one is sure who she was or where she came from, but she was hit by a car supposedly in this intersection and killed instantly.  A few years
 later, reports started coming in about a young girl hitch hiking along this road.  She would be picked up by a friendly passer by and she would tell them what house she was looking for.  They would attempt to take her there, but when they reached the destination, she had vanished from inside their car.
This has apparently happened several times.  Others claim she haunts Mount Calvary Cemetery, as the accident may have happened right in front of it.

We walked around and read many of the stones in this little cemetery.  None seemed to match the story of this girl.  We could not find any unknown graves, though there were many graves unmarked.  If she is buried here, we have not found her, yet.  If you know anything about this story, please email me!