Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our August Camping Adventure

  Our camping adventure was AWESOME!!!  As always we had a wonderful turnout and the weather just loved us!

We went ghost hunting all over the park, and Bigfoot hunting too!  We did ghost box sessions and particularly good luck over by the Runestone.  I was just loving it!

We met up with a family while out there and showed them around the park with a Mini Tour.  We did several ghost  box sessions with them and had the greatest success!  They were pretty awesome!!

 These are my die hard ghost hunters.   Pam, Jon, Ethan, Jackson, and Jack.  We were out both nights till well after 4 am hiking through the woods and looking for anything that went bump in the night.  Good job guys!
 We also went hiking along the cliffs (Jon, Jack, and me).  They were beautiful and more will be coming about them soon!.  It was like being in Grand Canyon!

 Here is my wonderful amazing, and awesome crew!  We are missing a few of us here, but we hope to have them back soon!
 We had special guest Dennis Russel, a  long time ghost hunter from this area that now lives in Columbus!  Also, Steve Payne, Jacks brother.  Thanks guys for tagging along with us on our Bigfoot quest for the day!
We were also joined by a young man named Ethan!  He was an awesome ghost hunter that we have  hope to hunt with again!  Good job  Ethan!  They don't come much  braver than you!

Jon is as fearless as it gets.  He is standing on the edge of a cliff and is not even worried about it. 

We even checked out the bridge that is said to be haunted  by Esther Hale.  We were all over it, above and  below.  I had Jackson, Abbie, Zack and Pam to help me!
This is meant to give you a rough idea of the cliffs we were exploring.  I was having a blast traveling the path below them and enjoying the beautiful scenery.    It looks like we may go one more time this fall.  End of September or beginning of October is looking good. 
Our next public event may be a fundraiser tour of East Liverpool this Saturday at 3pm.  We are donating all proceeds to the Marshall family, who lost Charles and Gage in a fire on August 15.  More information coming very soon!!