Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Interesting Pics From Our August Camp Out

 This is just visually awesome!  The Camera caught the sparks coming from the fire and it remnds me of fireworks.  Jon seems to attract this stuff, as the next few pics will indicate.
This is Jon and Jackson talking on one of our adventures into the unknown after dark.  The orb between them is so cool!  No doubt it is dust, but it makes for a truly awesome picture!!
Again, Jon has orbs in his picture.  One is a moving orb and red too.  Does it mean it is a spirit?  Of course not.  But it looks great in the pic

This last picture is still another moving orb.  Seeming to be hovering over Jon and Jack, I wondered as I searched our over 400 pics we took over the weekend whether or not Jon or Jack picked up a friend on one of their escapades.  Interesting notion.
We are talking about going one more time to camp at Gretchen's , though it will depend on the weather and how fast it gets cold out.  I will say it is so relaxing in that area, even when we are ghost hunting, the general attitude is calm and fun.  We plan on camping down there a lot next year for sure!