Monday, September 5, 2011

A Cemetery on Rt 168 Near Industry PA

 Out exploring today, we found this awesome little cemetery along Route 168 in PA.  It has some grave markers I have never seen.  Like these, pictures left, which are shaped like old pine coffins.  Totally awesome!
We were amazed at the many different types of markers that were here.  It made it so very interesting walk through.  The earliest grave I could find with a marker was 1817.  The newest one was 1928. 

Mike loves to walk through the old ones, like I do.  While it has a lot that are just laying on the ground or toppled over, there are many still very readable. 

We are working to find the name of it and some history on it.  When I find something, I will post it.  If you know anything about it, email me!!

 Here is a better look at the coffin shaped stone markers found here.  I thought they were amazing.  I saw a smaller version of this in Grove Hill Cemetery in Hanoverton.
We are looking forward to going back when it isn't raining. 
We were out looking for Wolf Run or Wolf Run Rd (we did find something, but that is another story).  The Ohioville Police mentioned that area was very haunted!  We hope to find it and investigate the area to find out.  If you know what we are talking about, again, please email me!!