Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We will be at the Salem Public Library in the Quaker Room to talk about the haunted places you can find in Columbiana County, with emphasis on the haunted places around Salem.  Places like Hope Cemetery, Cry Baby Bridge, and several other sites around town.  If you would like more information on how to attend this event  (which is FREE)
For more information stop in, call the library at 330-332-0042,or find them online at

We will have posters, equipment, and maybe even a demonstration of the Ghost Box and EVP sessions!  This is for Adults.  Hope to see you there!

Keeping Your Crew Together

We try our best to present to the world an organized and
 professionall crew.
The average life span of any ghost hunting  crew is about two years.  There are many reasons for this.  People have lives to live and sometimes things change for them.  They move or change jobs or get married, etc.  Sometimes there are other reasons, however.   Sometimes there is a lot of bickering and arguments among crew members and that makes it rough to keep together.  What we have noticed is that it sometimes gets worse after an investigation.  We are no strangers to arguing amongst ourselves.  And we argue over the stupidest things.  Everything from who took what picture to how many comments someone makes on facebook.  We have had big arguments over the color of our shirts (a couple crew members wanted PINK shirts and even quit for a short time because we opted for black or red instead.) or how many people to take on an investigation. 
We get through these little altercations because we talk  it out.  We don't harbor it so it can fester.  We have bitch sessions from time to time to clear the air and it helps. This, what I call a phenomenon, also happens between the different ghost hunting crews out there.   The more you work with them the worse it gets too.  We have worked  with a couple of groups and staying friends with them has been difficult.  Everyone has their own way of thinking in the paranormal world.  Beliefs are different, to the point that it causes friction.  There is also the thought that no  one else is getting what your crew is getting so it should stay a secret so no one can take it or you think some other crew out there is copying you and what you have done.  It may well be that we are getting the same ideas at the same time which might also be classified as a phenomenon.  We also might never know though because it is so hard to work with other crews, and each other.  

This is us sometimes, too.  But because we are like a family,
we get through it.
 So far so good for G1P.  We have our differences but we are working to keep things calm and workable.  Hopefully getting through this, our busiest time of the year, and then getting a break over the winter months will help out too.  If your crew has problems like this let us know how you deal with them.  We have to start sharing somewhere.