Friday, September 30, 2011


If you are serious about researching an area you dig deep. You find yourself always looking for any scrap of information and you perk up if you get the slightest scrap.  While I have been researching Lisbon, Salem, and East Liverpool, I have ended up in old dusty rooms with big old dusty books.  In those big old dusty books you sometimes run across bits of info that contradict what we think is right today.  For example,
Never fear.  We don't.
I found an old story about Esther that claims her wedding day was supposed to be September 29 rather than Aug 12.  Last night found us at Gretchen's Lock in the Grist Mill looking for any signs of our elusive Esther  Hale.  We spent over two hours doing EVP sessions and Ghost Box sessions hoping to hear from her.  While we are still going over the recordings, I have already heard one EVP that says "How do you know me?"

My crew was Jack, Jackson, Sammi and Mike.  They did a great job.  Jack is one of our newer crew members and has taken to ghost hunting very well. 

This awesome picture was taken by Sammi!s

We will be doing a video about last night soon. 

Knowing the history of your area can be very helpful in finding the ghosts you seek.  I was very comfortable there last night.  There was no bad feelings or dread anywhere so I could have stayed in there all night and been comfortable.  
We will let you know if we caught anything and hope to have the EVP I know of so far on here for you to hear. 
Our next tour here is October 16 at 6pm.  Bring a flashlight, camera, and recorder.