Monday, October 17, 2011

Ghost Hunter Does Not Mean Black Magic or Worshipers of Satan

 The question has come up once more about what we do as ghost hunters.  Here are some examples of what we do in our adventures around the county.  And an explanation of what we don't do.

Our version of Jack the Ripper

the ghost of Christmas Future for our Christmas Carol Parade entry

We have been
advertising our haunted and historical Lisbon Tour
seen out there dressed in a wild array of different costumes.  Most of them are dark and spooky.  That is because we are Ghost Hunters and we are portraying ghosts or monsters or sometimes even real characters from our past.  It does not mean we worship Satan or have Satanic rituals.  None of us are practicing Black Magic or going to secret places dressed in dark robes to chant. 
We dress up in costumes to have fun and try to bring some of our history to life  for all to see.  We are all about the SCIENCE OF GHOST HUNTING.  THAT IS ALL.  Just in case you were wondering.  :)

Tour Guides for the Salem Ghost Walk