Thursday, October 20, 2011

G12P At The Salem Library

 Last night found us at the Salem Library.  We were invited by Teresa Rhodes to come and talk about ghosts in Columbiana County.  We were happy to oblige as that is our favorite topic of discussion!
Also here is a link to the Salem News where they have an article about the event as well!
My crew was Mike, Sammi, Briana, Debbie, and Will. 

We showed everyone a little about our equipment, told them what we did, and where we went in the county.  We talked about some of our cases and some of the evidence we have found.

 Will talked about our camera equipment and how it works. 

 Briana and I told stories about the county from Legends to unsolved murder!!!
This is Debbie talking about the temperature gage gun we just bought!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to hear us talk about the past, ghosts, legends and us!  Everyone was awesome!!  We look forward to doing it again!!!